Michael Hsu from DeepSky and The Measure X Hack Method

Episode Show Notes

On this episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs, Glenn and Julie invite special guest Michael Hsu to share his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Michael emphasizes the importance of learning from successful individuals who have already navigated similar paths and the value of networking and building connections.

Michael reflects on his initial foray into accounting, which was initially driven by his mother’s persuasion, only to realize it wasn’t the right path for him. However, he persevered, starting his first business as a CFO company.

The discussion delves into Michael’s transition from a sole entrepreneur to building a business that involves employing others and establishing systems and processes. He emphasizes the importance of expanding one’s network and being known by others, highlighting the crucial role networking plays in an entrepreneur’s success.

Throughout the episode, Michael shares personal anecdotes and stories that influenced his mindset, such as his dream of building a school for children who dislike traditional education. He believes education is a powerful tool to escape poverty and aims to create a school that helps people upscale themselves and change their mindset.

The conversation also touches upon the challenges of entrepreneurship, the importance of support communities, and the need for encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs.

He shares his philosophy, encapsulated by a bracelet with the phrase “remember you will die,” which serves as a daily reminder to live life to the fullest and pursue one’s goals.

Michael’s journey exemplifies the resilience and determination required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Measure X Hack

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