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“It’s not just the accounting piece, it’s the business advisory and the partnership…we want to personally thank Harper & Company. We’re so blessed to be celebrating 15 years this year, and we couldn’t have done it without Glenn and his team.”


Seamless Logistics LTD

“Without question, the biggest impact that Harper & Company has on the business is the hands on help that I’m getting…if I were to have any advice for other business owners, switching over to Harper & Company would be great because you actually get an advisor and almost like another person on your team.”


Dr. Richard Ulm

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Podcast Appearances

POTP Episode 105
: Change your mentality

Paul and Will are joined this week by Glenn Harper, owner of Harper & Co CPAs in Columbus OH. Glenn shares his story of the mental transition from feeling he had to do it all, to trusting his team. Listen in – and work on building those team trust muscles!

POTP Episode 67
: Advisory and Operations

You can’t just increase your focus on advisory services, and let the rest of the business fall apart! Will and Paul are joined this episode by Julie Smith of Harper & Co to talk about the importance of operations in an advisory centric firm.

Her Accounts with Julie Smith

In this episode of Her Accounts, Charlotte Rushton has a conversation with Julie Smith of Harper & Company CPAs LLC. Julie Smith is a practice manager at Harper & Company. She has been with the firm since 2013.


Spotlighting Women in Advisory Practice: “Keep a Smile on Your Face and Keep Positive!” says Julie Smith, Practice Manager at Harper & Co.

In celebration of Women’s Month, we are honored launch a new weekly blog series, “Spotlighting Women in Advisory Practice”, that will feature five women who have transformed their accounting businesses, moving beyond being solely tax providers to expand their relationships with clients to become a true business partner.

Accountants shifting to more advisory services amid coronavirus

Accountants and tax professionals have been helping their small business clients deal with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting away from their routine compliance work after the end of the prolonged tax season.

3 Common Roadblocks for Entrepreneurs and How to Avoid Them

Over the years, my team and I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs. We’ve seen light bulbs turn on and have witnessed many ‘aha’ moments. And frankly, that’s almost magical. We’ve even had people come to us with business ideas they are over the top excited about…

Get out of your own way

It’s this simple: you have to believe in yourself and believe in those around you. Of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with in my career, there is a common denominator for every one of them who has staying power and who grows his or her business…

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Entrepreneurial Success Formula: How to Avoid Managing Your Business From Your Bank Account